Founder and Sons, Floating in The Great Salt Lake
About Us
After living, working and playing near the edge of The Great Salt Lake for most of his life, The Kristal Company founder was
inspired by the simple and natural beauty of salt crystals. The numerous attempts and the trial and error process of growing salt
crystals in a consistent and predictable manner finally paid off.

In 1983, The Kristal Company was launched and introduced it's first products, a set of six small Christmas ornaments made of
salt crystals. Now almost three decades later The Kristal Company is known for it's uniquely beautiful salt crystal products
throughout most of North America and the world.

The Kristal Company hopes that you will enjoy your one of a kind salt crystal creations as much as they have enjoyed making
them for you.

The Kristal Company
The Kristal Company Founder and sons,
floating in "The Great Salt Lake"